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Our Range Of Fabulous Products Available To Help Fight Odours That Promote Healthy Living For People & Pets!

About Vm3 Zero

Vm3 Zero is an Australian-based company. All our products are 100% natural, made in Australia, and eco-friendly.

Vm3 Zero offers a simple and inexpensive solution to the age old problem of odours. Our products do more than cover up or mask bad smells; our products actually bind and capture malodour and odour forming bacteria and fungi and any particulates in air.

  • Shoe Odour
  • Bag and Luggage Odour
  • Odour Control for Pets
  • Mould Fighter Spray
  • Soak Up Spills
  • Destroy Odours

How do Vm3 Zero Work?


Vm3 Zero Pads & Powders, with their humidity sensitivity, attract and hold moisture and the emulsified liquid eliminates volatiles, moisture, malodour and microbes.

Vm3 Zero also releases Odour Neutralising Complex (ONC) which kills mould and eliminates the causes of malodour and decomposition in your environment.

The ONC traps and removes malodour, microbes, volatiles and moisture on contact in the air and on surfaces which it comes into contact with.


I had a major mould problem in my walk-in wardrobe as it was off the main bathroom and had no ventilation. I put Vm3 Purefier Odour Control Pads in the walk-in wardrobe and within a matter of weeks the mould had completely gone!! If you have a mould problem in your home you need to speak to Vm3 Purefier!!!

Phil, Coogee, NSW

Thank you for the sample pads. We have had them placed in a home that has been subject to flooding. The musty, mouldy odour commonly associated with flood damaged property has been completely removed. We now wish to start talking to our insurance company clients about supplying pads as part of our support services to them in reinstating properties subject to water damage to remove these malodours.

George Gialouris, AusRestore Pty Limited

I have used Vm3 Purefier products with great success to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from the house and the smell of garbage from the waste bin. The results were excellent as all bad odours completely disappeared.

– Susan, San Souci

My wife is your newest Vm3 fan after using the product you gave for my piddling in the study dog! Please send 44 gallon drums of it! The wonderful thing is I think other than the nice smell and that it soaked up the pee and replaced the odorous urine smell in the room is he has since stopped piddling in the study altogether! It’s a miracle! Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!

Geoff Walker

Eco Friendly 100% Natural Cleaning Products

  • Kills Mould – Pads, Powders & Spray
  • Anti Bacterial – Spray
  • Moisture control – Pads & Powders
  • Mineral based – Pads & Powders
  • Non-toxic – Pads, Powders & Spray
  • Cost effective
  • Applicable to almost any odour, mould, germ or moisture problem
  • Vm3 Zero helps to provide a safer, healthier home or workplace for everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pet products are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for my pets?

Ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your pets involves using several essential products. Invest in pet-friendly cleaning solutions, such as pet-safe disinfectants and stain removers. Additionally, grooming tools like brushes and pet-friendly shampoos help maintain your pet's hygiene. Providing comfortable bedding that is easily washable is also crucial. For convenience, consider using pet waste disposal bags for outdoor walks and litter boxes for indoor cats.

Are natural or organic pet products a better choice for my pets?

Natural and organic pet products can be beneficial for pets, as they often contain fewer synthetic chemicals and additives. Opting for natural pet food, treats, and grooming products can reduce the risk of allergies and sensitivities. However, it's essential to carefully review product labels and certifications to ensure that they meet specific standards. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the most suitable natural or organic options based on your pet's individual needs.

How can I address pet odors in my home effectively?

Managing pet odors requires a multi-faceted approach. Use pet-friendly air fresheners or odor-neutralizing sprays to eliminate unpleasant smells. Regularly clean and vacuum areas where your pet spends time, such as bedding, carpets, and furniture. Consider investing in air purifiers designed to capture pet dander and other allergens. Additionally, incorporating odor-absorbing materials, like activated charcoal or baking soda, can help maintain a fresh-smelling environment.

Are there specific cleaning products that are safe for households with both pets and children?

Yes, there are cleaning products designed to be safe for households with both pets and children. Look for non-toxic, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic cleaning solutions. Many reputable brands offer products that are free from harsh chemicals, making them safe for use around pets and children. Always follow the recommended usage instructions and keep cleaning products out of reach to prevent accidental ingestion.

Eliminate Problem Odours

Reduce Moisture, Dampness & Mould

Help Capture Chemical Vapours

Safer, healthier home or workplace for everyone